Scrape Instagram Data

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Scrape Instagram Data

Today social media have become an integral of everyday life. Almost everyone from normal people to world leaders in different ages have user accounts in social media and many of them are so active using them. Large and small companies have also discovered the immense value and potential of reaching audiences on these mediums.

Recent studies show an average American spends something about 37 minutes per day on different social media. Almost half of these people use social media as one of the factors in their purchasing decisions. While most companies now focus on most popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter, respectively 99% and 97% adopted by brands, a greater potential is available in the smaller (growing) but vital social media platforms, Instagram in particular.

Instagram was not initially owned by Facebook but was purchased by it for 1$ billion in 2012. Instagram is widely regarded as the most popular social media platform for younger Americans, and its simple and elegant interface is ripe for effective marketing campaigns. Instagram’s unique marketing potential is driven largely by its simplicity. Each user’s feed is filled with images and very little text, which makes the experience fun and exciting. At the same time, Instagram has robust hashtag and mention functionality, making the platform surprisingly powerful from a social and marketing perspective.

On the other hand, Instagram’s simplicity and uniqueness indicates a particular challenge for those who want to use it as a marketing tool. Instagram itself offers no analytics for its users, which makes it difficult to produce accurate Instagram analysis reports from Instagram alone. Marketers are desperately looking for photo, page, post, hashtag and trend analysis tools. Here, comes the tool to scrape Instagram data to be used in all the marketing strategies and future plans.

Instagram data scraper is a tool which uses Instagram and extracts its relevant data from it. The term SCRAPER includes anything that extracts any kind of data. Accordingly, different web scrapers are those data extractors which extract different sort of information from websites and application scrapers are those that extract data from application’s platform. Speaking of Instagram scraping tools, DOES scrape Instagram data efficiently according to users’ settings and target of use.

This kind of third-party tool provides a wealth of information about competitors, including relative amounts of traffic and followers.’s scrape Instagram data provide its user inspiration from other people and businesses regardless of their relativity with user’s aimed industry to find more information on successful and popular brands and businesses. By’s scrape Instagram data can provide graphs and depict data to get a more tangible idea, to easily understand what type of content is working for you and have been the most engaging and which have been the least!

What do we provide in

Generally, Instagram scrapers are those data extraction tools that scrape data from Instagram, that is any sort of data. Below are data sorts which may be extracted:

  • Scrape users by Keywords – To scrape the details of target Instagram users with the keywords. If one puts a keyword ‘Alaska’, the scraper will give the usernames related to Alaska keyword.
  • Scrape users by Hashtags – The Hashtags are a trend of Instagram. It’s very easy to use Hashtags and find the people on Instagram. One can scrape the names of the users through Hashtags and get the relevant data accordingly.
  • Scrape users by User followers/following – To get the details of the user’s followers/following by using Instagram scraping tool. Any user you put; the lists of the followers/following will come.
  • Scrape users who liked the Post – In order to find the usernames that ‘Liked’ a post, one has to use this tool. It can provide the names of the users that liked the post.
  • Scrape users that ‘Commented’ on the post – Like the ‘Like’ section, the tool will also scrape the users list that ‘Commented’ on a post. Actually, one can scrape the commented usernames from any of the posts that they want.
  • Scrape users by Location – the names of users by their location can also be scrapped. This feature is one of the most brilliant of our scrape Instagram data tool.
  • Scrape Photo URL – in case one needs a certain photo’s URL, they can get it by using’s scrape Instagram data tool.

Now let us consider more aspects of the tool to scrape Instagram data and its applications for marketing plans and strategies.

Need to Scrape Instagram data

Preferably, the scrapers are way useful for the professionals. Digital marketing in particular, requires scrapers at different levels and aims. Social Media Marketing very much depends on the personalized information, and scrapers are meant only to collect such data. The more personalized and categorized the data, the more useful they would be!

Whether for normal username collection, or aiming to get informative details, businesses can scrape Instagram data for any of the purposes. Basically, it gives all the desired in a format which enables users understand and manage the data well and use them as easy as possible.

What else does scrape Instagram data offer?

  • Find and Follow users/followers/following
  • Distinctive ‘Follow’ features
  • Distinctive ‘Unfollow’ features
  • Filter options
  • Reposting options
  • Like options
  • Comment options
  • Account maintenance

The metrics provided by scrape Instagram data, range from simple numbers like ‘the average number of posts per day’ through to complex metrics, such as ‘average number of likes posted on images using the brand’s primary hashtag’. And provides users with the interpretation they need to understand what it all means. All with the objective of providing users’ business with accurate information that can help every eCommerce or Social Media manager refine their Instagram marketing strategy and improve their marketing plans.

These data can be classified into three main categories:

  1. Rate of engagement

This category also may be divided into three main parts: posting rate vs engagement rate, engagement rate by considering a number of likes and finally engagement rate by considering the number of comments.

  • Hashtags metrics

Hashtags are one of the major specifications of Instagram and accordingly their statistics play an important informative role. They can be discussed in five main categories: 1) the number of posts with hashtags, 2) hashtag post-performance, 3) Level of evangelism, 4) reach of a unique hashtag and 5) hashtags’ engagement rate by the number of likes.

  • Quality of Users

The target audience in every marketing plan is a fundamental issue. As the audience varies in age, sex, location, interests, needs and many other factors, they need to be classified in quality. These may majorly be classified in two approaches: the number of influential users and followership size vs. the proportion of influential users.

For an effective and successful marketing strategy, being equipped with true verified and trustable data is a MUST. So, businesses, large or small need to consider having a secure and fast source of information that is always available and provides full-time support.’s scrape Instagram data IS the tool every business needs to learn about their target audience, reach them and attract them.

Download Instractor Chrome Extension

This Add-on lets you download all the Instagram Images and Videos you want. Just hover over the image on the profile page and click the download button. If you already clicked on an image you can download with the button next to the bookmark icon. The download button for the bulk account download is next to the follow button. Please be careful not to download too many images at once, because Instagram can block you temporarily because of to many downloads (about five minutes).

Benefits of using Scrape Instagram Data

This Instagram Automation tool provides many benefits, few of them are as follows:

  1. Time Savior – This automation tool is literally a time savior. By using this tool, the user can easily save lots of time as they will be receiving the result of hours of expert time essence and do hours of work in a matter of moments with more tailored results.
  2. Advanced Technology – With best technology and artificial intelligence wrapped up for every single task,’s scrape Instagram data user would be getting help from the tool for every sort of work. They need to just start with the scraper, and see the brilliant tailored output data coming from it.
  3. Fast Working – The tools speed will make a fan of any user, even a one-time user. They can easily see fast work in the form of lots of data collected in a small time period.
  4. Data Security – The scraped data will be relevant, reliable, real and without redundancy. Hence, the user will get a completely original and secure data.

Last not least, it is not a tough task to scrape Instagram data. However, using it without enough knowledge may cause serious issues. Therefore, a knowledgeable expert shall use this tool to get the best out of it. They only need to specify what they are aiming for and choose it to scrape Instagram data. Having extracted the necessary data, marketing strategy experts would be able to develop the best and most effective plan to satisfy both the business aims and customers.

Having a look at the big picture, we can perfectly discover what to consider in the business marketing strategy. A winning Instagram marketing strategy is a diverse one. Brands shouldn’t be afraid to try out a mixed bag of Instagram marketing strategy in order to find the sweet spot for their products. But remember: the most successful brands on Instagram are extremely pro-active in their approach, meticulously controlling images posted by the brand itself and on their hashtag. Because, in the end, presenting a specific and well-developed brand image gives users an idea to aspire to and identify with that cannot be beaten. Do not take to scrape Instagram data for granted!