Instagram Profile Data Extraction

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Instagram Profile Data Extraction

What is Instagram Profile Extraction?

Instagram is a platform for photo-sharing which enables users to take pictures and videos using various filters. It also enables its users to post and share images online directly with those who follow them in this social network. According to reports in mid-2019, only in the US, there are almost 105 million Instagram users and the number is expected to surpass 130 million in 2022.

Although one may think of this social media only as a place to post selfies, food pictures, good quotes and personal experiences, and etc., every business should be aware of the fact that it has become one of the top engaging social media platforms to improve businesses’ position in the market. That is why every day the number of companies trying to be present in this platform increases.

Every Instagram account may consist of account owner details including their name, their website address, a brief introduction about the owner, number of followers/following accounts and whether the account has been verified by Instagram or not. Hence, in order to obtain valid information of a business or entity, we may use different sources of data available on the net such as their true Instagram profile.

Extracting Instagram profile data offered by is a fully automated tool that provides a great opportunity for users to reach valuable information of companies including followings:

  1. Identifying the entity’s original profile: as creating a fake Instagram account is not impossible, there may be frauds in this area
  2. Their type of activity: goods or services or maybe both
  3. Goods and services they offer
  4. Contact details: information on how customers may be linked to the business’s people

And etc.

How important is Instagram Profile Extraction?

According to Statistics, in the latest report, Instagram had 25 million active business accounts in November 2017, which grew from 15 million in July 2017. That is where Instagram introduced its business profiles in mid-2016. These numbers help us to get a better vision of how important this social photo-sharing plat from can be for us to collect details of business entities.

Having a short look at the above chart, it is inevitable that Instagram business profiles can be useful sources of information as they have drastically grown only over a short period of about one year.

In order to develop businesses, companies need to find their potential customers through different sources of data. These data shall be extracted selectively that exactly matches the business’s target customers. As earlier discussed, a great number of businesses have business accounts on Instagram which their employees also follow. Therefore, extracting these data from accounts and categorizing them according to different factors such as business type would provide an invaluable source.

This source by providing business type, goods, and services, its contact details -emails in particular- enables entities’ marketing strategists to:

  • Introduce themselves online through email and websites with the least expenses;
  • Notify target companies online as fast as possible to improve their business;
  • Performing online interactions to present the business most efficiently;
  • Effectual access to target customers;
  • Omitting concepts of time and place as two major restrictors.

Download Instractor Chrome Extension

This Add-on lets you download all the Instagram Images and Videos you want. Just hover over the image on the profile page and click the download button. If you already clicked on an image you can download with the button next to the bookmark icon. The download button for the bulk account download is next to the follow button. Please be careful not to download too many images at once, because Instagram can block you temporarily because of to many downloads (about five minutes).

What are the major advantages of using Instagram Profile Extraction?

Using the compay_name Instagram Profile Extraction service caters a company’s marketing needs in many ways. Below some of the most important benefits of this online tool are listed:

  • Introduce their goods and services online through email and websites with the least expenses: before, introducing goods and services to target customers was a big challenge for businesses as they had to make brochures, leaflets, and flyers and distribute them in person. They had to spend huge money on these introduction tools and not all of them would be delivered to target people. This led to less cost efficiency and revenue.
  • Inform target customers via online tools such as email and boom their business; online notices to target customers can improve a business place in the market strongly.
  • Enjoy online interactions which are certainly one of the best tools for goods/services presentation: using online tools for presenting one’s goods or services is way more effective than any other method. As in this process, different media including texts, pictures, videos, and audios help in offering the products as real as possible.
  • Eliminate two factors of time and place and develop a local business worldwide: as in the worldwide web, the concept of place and its limits fades any entity located anywhere in the world may be able to offer services globally. With online marketing time limitation also is no more an issue. Users/potential customers may be presented at any time they are free and ready.
  • Update customers with their latest achievements, goods, and services, promotions and offers via online tools and facilities updating customers with anything new with your business would be as easy and quick as possible. Imagine a few years ago when digital marketing did not exist. Making the least changes to your product information could cost you a lot as the materials were previously printed. Then you would only have two options, wait till the printed material is finished and make the update in the new version or eliminate the old version, neglecting the loss to the business and printing new ones.
  • Keep direct contact with target customers with the least possible expenses: being able to keep in touch with customers directly creates a feeling of brand loyalty for customers which is a major benefit for business placement in customers’ minds.

What do we in provide? known as a leading well-reputed company in Digital Marketing services offers the most trustworthy data for any company’s marketing needs. In we provide all data extracted from companies’ Instagram accounts and categorize them in various criteria. We care for our customers and understand that both time and quality matters. That is why they choose us to be sure of the data they receive as it is going to be their base of future marketing activities. Our wise customers prefer to spend a small amount of money and buy lots of time and energy they should spend collecting information from multiple sources which may even be false.

In our experts do their best to be a strong assistant to small and big enterprises equipping them with valid and appropriate categorized data. As the most reliable Instagram profile data extractor, also proudly presents the following features in its service:

  • Instagram profile data extractor presents careful identification of businesses and entities official Instagram account
  • helps identification of companies’ employees Instagram accounts
  • Instagram profile data extraction allows identification and recognition of similar Instagram accounts and the distinction of the authentic account from the fake ones.
  •’s service gives statistical data extraction of different companies’ Instagram accounts Instagram Profile Extractor

In we never sacrifice quality for anything. We proudly present our extract of years of expert experience and endeavors to our precious customers. services are the essence of a large group of dedicated experts who truly believe in customer satisfaction and value.

Any company, small or large may benefit from’s Instagram Profile Extractor’s data to boom their business by finding new customers and building up an effective relationship with them.