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In this paper we are going to read more about one the famous global social networks: Instagram! And become familiar with a useful service created to extract data from public Instagram accounts: Instractor!

This fabulous service, Instractor, is a well-designed, creative and professional tool which extracts various kinds of information from public Instagram accounts.

This information includes emails, phone numbers, mobile phone numbers, website URLs, and etc. based on the category that user chooses.

Also, the number of each company’s followers, followings, and the average engagement of their page is extracted for enthusiastic people!

Instractor has a powerful Instagram email finder, also known as Instagram email scraper or Instagram email extractor.

User chooses a category like a product, industry, service, and etc. Then Instractor’s professional Instagram email finder finds all accounts related to the chosen industry and extracts their verified emails in real time!

To become familiar how to find email of Instagram profile, do not miss this article. This is a good chance to know what is the best Instagram email finder of the market? Which tools are helpful in the long process of email marketing? How to make most of Instagram? What information can be extracted from Instagram business pages?

We are here to help you enjoy Instagram MORE!

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social networking service owned by Facebook. It was designed and created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in San Francisco in October 2010 and today has become one of the most popular social tools installed in millions of cellphones.

The word “Instagram” is the combination of two words:

  • Instant Camera
  • Telegram

In 2010 when Instagram was first launched, we didn’t think that only ten years later it will become a great and effective social media, well-known in almost all countries. However, the dream of Instagram developers comes true!

“Instagram is a free photo and video sharing app available on Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone. People can upload photos or videos to our service and share them with their followers or with a select group of friends. They can also view, comment and like posts shared by their friends on Instagram.” as mentioned in Instagram website.

Instagram is available for any person above the age of 13. Making an Instagram account is really easy just by registering an email address and selecting a username in 2 minutes. It seems that Instagram tries to remain an easy to work app.

“Like most social media apps, Instagram allows you to follow users that you’re interested in. This creates a feed on the homepage showing recent posts from everyone you follow. You can like posts and comment on them” according to MUO.

It adds “In addition to posting normal photos and videos, which stay on your page permanently, Instagram also supports Stories.

If you’ve used Snapchat, you’ll be familiar with these. Stories allow you to post one or more photos and video clips in a series.

Anyone can view these for 24 hours, after which they expire.” However if you highlight a story, it will be kept on your profile.

Direct messaging is also another feature of Instagram so you can chat with friends or companies in private. You can also explore profiles to see what else you might have interest in.

Instagram users can make their pages private and choose who can see their profiles and who cannot.

According to Hubspot Instagram has seen exponential jump, from one million users in December 2010 to over one billion in 2018! That’s incredible!

As soon as Instagram became a popular means of communication, many other tools like Instagram email finder, instagram account information finder, Instagram phone number finder and etc. are also created to help users of Instagram which are explained in details in next parts of this article.

Download Instractor Chrome Extension

This Add-on lets you download all the Instagram Images and Videos you want. Just hover over the image on the profile page and click the download button. If you already clicked on an image you can download with the button next to the bookmark icon. The download button for the bulk account download is next to the follow button. Please be careful not to download too many images at once, because Instagram can block you temporarily because of to many downloads (about five minutes).

How does Instagram help us?

Instagram has provided a community for every user in which he/she can share any part of his/her life that prefers.

You may like to share pictures and films of your private live or your business. It depends on you!

Moreover Instagram helps users to reinforce their business. It is the showcase of many companies worldwide.

Companies’ products and services can be uploaded in Instagram and be seen by thousands or millions of people worldwide, depended on the number of followers.

Today company websites are only one of the online places where a company achievements and products can be seen in.

Many other Social Medias like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and etc. are also available with too many interesting features! There are many ways to attract clients if you look carefully!

Hubspot mentioned “If you’re not part of the one billion on Instagram, you might want to reconsider.

The app is a great chance to stay a part of friends’ lives — when I want to see how my college friends are doing, I don’t check Facebook, I check Instagram.

Plus, you can follow your favorite celebrities or political figures to see candid photos of their everyday lives.”

Instagram latest extraordinary statistics in Jan 2020!

  • Every month, 1 billion users are active in Instagram!
  • The number of daily likes in Instagram is 4.2 billion!  
  • Every day, 500 million users are active in Instagram!
  • Every day, 500 million users are active in Instagram Stories!
  • Until 25 January 2020, over 50 billion photos were shared in Instagram!
  • 25 million businesses are active in Instagram!
  • Every day 100 million photos and videos are shared in Instagram!
  • The second-most downloaded free app in the Apple app store is Instagram!
  • 89% of Instagram users are outside the USA

Which countries have the most Instagram users in 2020?

As seen on the below diagram, United States with around 130 million Instagram users is in the first place, followed by India with 100 million users. The third country with 91 million users is Brazil.

Indonesia, Russai, Turkey, Japan, Mexico, UK and Germany are respectively in fourth to tenth place.

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Italy (23 million), France (21 million), Argentina (19 million), Spain (19 million), South Korea (15 million), Canada (14 million), Colombia (14 million), Saudi Arabia (14 million), Thailand (14 million), and Egypt (13 million) are respectively after the countries you see in the diagram.

As mentioned, USA has the most users in Instagram and in 2019, the percentage of US adults who use Instagram Increased from 35% to 37%, seems to continue this upward trend in 2020 too.

It is worth mentioning that Instagram’s growth numbers in Canada is very fast and impressive. Instagram saw 20.4% growth in Canada in 2018, and 7.3% growth in 2019!

Instagram for Business!

The global popularity of Instagram has encourages many companies to open business pages in Instagram, sharing their products and services to the whole world reliably and rapidly.

It is a safe place to show the whole world what your company has achieved and is planned to get!

As the time passes, more and more companies become aware of the benefits of Instagram for business and more innovative tools like Instagram email finder, Instagram phone number finder, Instagram account information finder, Instagram mobile number finder and etc. are created to make the most of Instagram.

Why not to introduce your company and advertise products in a social media with over 1 billion global users!? If you have dropped behind your competitors, register in Instagram today!

Businesses can use the following strategies to increase their number of Instagram followers:

  • Show their expertise and expertise through sharing edited and high quality pictures & films
  • Write short, clear, and to the point captions
  • Share fresh and up-to-date posts, not old and repetitive ones
  • Offer useful tips
  • Never forget sharing stories!
  • Try to answer as many comments and direct messages as you can to make a deep relationship with followers
  • Share you Instagram account in your website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and any other social media you are active in
  • The more posts and stories you share, the more success comes toward you but do not forget the quality! Low quality content has a reverse effect!
  • Never forget to respect your followers, where you stand in Instagram is because of your followers without them you have nothing!

Benefits of Instagram for business

Helping customers to find your business easier:

  • Retail sale: It is worth mentioning that over ⅓ of Instagram users have the experience of online purchase through Instagram! Instagram is a powerful tool for selling products and services. As mentioned before every day 1 billion users are active in Instagram. So ⅓ of it is about 333,333,333 Instagram users who applies Instagram for online purchase.
  • Wholesale: Not only retail sale but also wholesale is possible through Instagram. Global wholesalers can show their company’s products to the whole world and any person interested to import. It is a good opportunity to introduce your website and accounts in other social medias in Instagram.

Leading customers to visit your business website:

over 70% of customers are encouraged to take an action and visit your website after they see your advertisement on Instagram! This is a good way to increase your website traffic!

More features available in business accounts:

by changing a personal account to a business one, many new and interesting features are unlocked for you that will be explained in next section of this article.


Sales and leads can be tracked through Instagram ads so you can see clear Return on Investment.

It focuses on pictures & films not text:

in Instagram you share your business pictures and films. It is a visual platform and visual content is more helpful and effective than text and written content.

A short film of your product, company office, production line or even presenting company resume can be more effective than any other text advertisement and slogans.

Improving your brand

Instagram as a leading social media helps you to build a strong and professional view of your brand. Everything depends on you! The visual content you share can reinforce your business significantly if be provided precisely and professionally.

Making a stronger relationship with customers:

  • a lot of engagement can be seen on each of your posts and stories in Instagram. Followers can like and comment on your posts easily. This great feature of Instagram is free of charge. 

Engagement with businesses and brands on Instagram is:

  • 10 times higher than Facebook!
  • 54 times higher than Pinterest!
  • 84 times higher than Twitter!

Instagram future

Instagram has a severe competition with other famous apps like TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, and etc.

However we should not forget that Instagram with over one billion active users, over 25 million businesses, and expected revenue of 14 billion dollars, is very likely to beat the competitors in future decade.

Its expertise and experience to predict users’ requirements, expectations, and market trends is the success key of Instagram!

We do believe that Instagram has a very bright future and will be marketers’ favorite priority platform to reach out to their audiences and create enjoyable shopping experiences both for retail and wholesale.

The bright future of Instagram has encouraged experts and engineers to design and create ancillary services in order to eliminate limits and make the use of Instagram easier and less tedious for the people to whom Instagram plays a major role in their business.

Instagram email finder, Instagram phone number finder, Instagram profile URL finder, Instagram account info finder, Instagram mobile phone number are only some of the tools created for the businesses using Instagram.

Tools created for businesses to make the most of Instagram!

As mentioned in introduction, Instractor is a well-known tool designed and created to help businesses extract company information from their Instagram profiles (Instagram scraper).

This helpful and great tool has a fabulous and useful service to extract company emails from their Instagram profiles, a fantastic and advantageous tool that is known as:

Instagram email finder tool helps marketers and any other person in search of company emails. Business emails are at your fingerprints by Instractor’s Instagram email finder!

Why Instractor’s Instagram email finder is created?

The high number of people and companies with active Instagram accounts has encouraged Instractor to provide services which can find email of instagram profile based on category.

The bellow diagram is the Number of active Instagram business profiles from September 2016 to November 2017 (in millions) according to Statista.

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As seen on the diagram there was a great jump in number of active business accounts of Instagram from September 2016 to November 2017. It has increased from 1.5 million to 25 million in about one year!

Isn’t it great to benefit from this opportunity and use our Instagram email finder to extract emails of any types of companies you desire!?

How beneficial it is to find email of Instagram profile simply and rapidly with the help of an Instagram email finder!?

Isn’t it really helpful to extract company email based on category with a few clicks in real time with an Instagram email finder!?

How does our Instagram email finder work?

Instractor has provided a professional Instagram email finder to find emails of instagram profiles. The emails of any public business profile can be extracted with our Instagram email finder in a matter of seconds.

  • First the user chooses a category he needs its emails based on:
    • Products
    • Services
    • Industries
    • Occupations & etc.
  • The second part is performed by our Instagram email finder. It checks Instagram and its Instagram email database completely in real time to find all emails related to the category you have chosen.
  • The result is given to the user in a spreadsheet file. The first rows contain the company names active in the requested industry and other rows include company emails.
  • Also some other important information like each company followers and following and average engagement of each page is provided by our Instagram email finder.

Benefits of our Instagram email finder

Instractor’s Instagram email finder helps users to find email of companies active in any industry and field they like.

For instance you choose to have all emails of companies active in producing and wholesaling of chandelier in our Instagram email finder.

Within a few seconds, a complete and verified list of chandelier producers and sellers that have public pages in Instagram is demonstrated with the list of their correct emails.

Moreover it tells you how many followers and followings they have and what is theaverage engagement of their page.

Instractor’s Instagram email finder is the most rapid method to have access to emails of companies. No need to waste your time in search of emails in Instagram! Our Instagram email finder is the fast and professional solution!

Imagine you are the seller of Chinese clothes and want to find the emails of all companies importing clothes across the globe that have an active page in Instagram. Is it possible that you yourself search manually to find them?

Even if you find thousands of intended pages (which is not possible), how can you find their email as most of them do not mention their emails in their biography in Instagram.

You have to find their website and be hopeful to find emails in their site or send a message to their phone numbers and ask their emails if phone number was available in Bio!

This is a really time consuming and tedious process that can be performed only for a few number of companies. I myself cannot find email of more than ten companies in this manual way!

Our Instagram email finder has solved all these problems. It unlocks many restrictions in the process of email finding in Instagram. Just tell us whose email you need; the rest is done by Instractor’s Instagram email finder!

Our Instagram email finder is the result of many years’ experience and endeavors of Instractor’s engineers and experts to remove limitations for Instagram users. Instagram is the world of innovation and we tend to follow this way of creativity and discover new strategies to eliminate any restriction.

Why Instractor persists on finding verified emails of companies?

Email (electronic mail) is a fast and reliable way of sending and receiving messages. What you need is an electronic device like computer or mobile phone and internet connection to benefit from the wide world of email.

Although history of email is related to over 50 years ago and many new means of communication have been created till today, still email has many advocates across the world.

The use of email as a tool to send private and family messages has become limited compared with decades ago but instead it becomes a well-known method of exchanging business messages.

As stated by Statista, although many mobile messengers and chat apps are created, still email is an integral part of daily online life. In 2019, the number of global email users amounted to 3.9 billion from 3.7 in 2017. However it is predicted to increase to 4.48 billion users in 2024!

Due to the great and ascending use of email in business especially by marketers, sellers and buyers, finding a way to find the correct and verified email address of companies and their decision makers is a necessity.

This caused email finders to be designed and created. The Instagram email finder of Instractor is a new version of email finders launched to extract emails from Instagram automatically in real time.

Email & Instagram, both are popular means of communication!

Most of the companies that have active accounts in Instagram, have also official emails! Business email is still a popular means of communication used by many companies worldwide and older than Instagram.

Email is an old method of communication and Instagram is a newer one but both are economic, well-known, great and effective ways helping businesses to grow fast.

The Instagram email finder of Instractor is the amalgam of Instagram and email! It allows users to find emails of instagram profiles. The only available automatic way!

You need the emails of chemical companies, shoes sellers, fruit exporters, buyer of groceries or any other company that has Instgaram account. Subscribe in our Instagram email finder to get them all in few seconds and with best competitive rates!

What has made our Instagram email finder superior?

  • Rapid: all the requested result is provided in the shortest possible time. Our Instagram email finder is the most rapid tool compared with other similar tools available in market.
  • Multiple Language Support: You can use our service as a REST API in you all other services and applications.
  • Verified result: The emails provided by our Instagram email finder are all checked and at least 98% of them are accurate!

One time use of our Instagram email finder tool shows that 98% accuracy rate is not only a claim, it is an undeniable reality!

Instractor’s first priority was to become the most valid and reliable Instagram email finder of the market and to remain so.

  • Economic: what the user gets via Instractor’s Instagram email finder are more invaluable compared with the money he/she pays. How much does a long list of company emails and information extracted from Instagram in a few seconds cost!?
  • Globally available: It works across the globe. Whether you are living in New York or a small Asian city, no difference! You only need an internet connection to benefit from our extraordinary Instagram email finder.
  • Simple to use: Instractor’s Instagram email finder is practical and easy to work with. We have designed a clear and simple to use website that is suitable even for the users with minimum knowledge of computer.
  • Various plans based on user need: users can choose any of our pricing offers:
    • Small team: 100 requests per month only by paying 49.9$
    • Enterprise: 500 requests per month only by paying 149.9$

Based on your requirements you can choose any of these plans provided by Instractor’s Instagram email finder.

  • Complete email database: Instractor has a comprehensive instagram email database. It also checks Instagram in real time to find any new email and double check the correctness of emails. 
  • Latest algorithms: all used algorithms in our Instagram email finder are updated daily to add new features, solve errors and increase the speed of email finding and verification process.
  • Easy sign up: Sign up process in Instractor is very fast and easy to do. Only in two minutes you can be a member of our Instagram email finder.
  • Free Instagram email finder: New hesitant clients can test our Instagram email finder free of cost to ensure its premium quality before any payment.

Moreover any old client can also search 5 free requests free of charge monthly!

Time saving is the best gift of Instractor’s Instagram email finder!

Instractors’s Instagram email finder has the experience and ability to raise your business benefits, make sense of success and improve marketing speed.

Tried and correct methods of email finding and verification are used in Instractor to detect correct emails within seconds.

Instractor promises to deliver premium quality emails on-time and within your budget.

That’s why it has attracted thousands of companies over the years looking for a shorter way of success!

A new meaning of email verification by Instractor!

It is worth mentioning to know that all collected emails by Instractor’s Instagram email finder are checked and verified to ensure their veracity and legitimacy before any presentation.

Email verification is the expertise of Instractor. Customers can be sure that over 98% of the emails they got from Instractor are correct. A syntax check, SMTP verification and DNS lookup are performed on all the collected emails.

No email is better than wrong email! Trust our reliable Instagram email finder and enjoy the experience of successful email marketing.

Instractor, the golden tool cannot be ignored!

All Instractor’s services including our Instagram email finder can be helpful for any person and company active in Instagram. It helps Instagram users to:

  • Have extra time for more important tasks rather than email finding via Instagram
  • Keep their energy for more important parts of email marketing, focusing on content of emails, word choice, intonation and etc., instead of detecting emails and checking their accuracy
  • Save company marketing budget. Our Instagram email finder allows your employees to concentrate on more important jobs. Also it reduces error rates.
  • Helps companies to be connected with correct persons faster than their competitors do. Nowadays winners in any business are the companies or individuals that use reliable and fast technologies to climb the stairs of success faster than others.
  • Provide an enjoyable and amazing work environment which motivates employees and develops their energy.


“Instagram is a free social networking service built around sharing photos and videos. It launched in October 2010 on iOS first, and became available on Android in April 2012. Facebook purchased the service in April 2012 and has owned it since” according to MUO.

Email is also the electronic method of exchanging messages between people using electronic device that was created in the 1960s with limited usage.

It is predicted that the number of global email users increases to 4.48 billion users in 2024 from 3.7 in 2017! Instagram is also a great social media with 1 billion monthly active users!

Instractor is a great service created to extract company information from Instagram, especially emails of businesses and brands for any person in search of emails like email marketers. This great and useful tool is known as Instagram email finder!

Instractor’s Instagram email finder is more than a simple tool! It has the latest updated technologies to collect as many company emails as the user wishes in a matter of seconds.

Just tell us what kinds of emails you need, the emails of businesses active in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, transportation, education, construction, agriculture or any other industry you require. All are found by Instractor’s Instagram email finder in the shortest possible time!

Verified emails, competitive rates, high speed and a responsive team, all have helped us to become INSTRACTOR!