About Us


Extracting Instagram profile data offered by instractor.com is a fully automated tool that provides great opportunity for users to reach valuable information of companies including followings:

  • Identifying the entity’s original profile: as creating a fake Instagram account is not impossible, there may be frauds in this area
  • Their type of activity: goods or services or maybe both
  • Goods and services they offer
  • Posts, Likes, Comments and time of published posts
  • Contact details: information on how customers may be linked to the business’s people

Download Instractor Chrome Extension

This Add-on lets you download all the Instagram Images and Videos you want. Just hover over the image on the profile page and click the download button. If you already clicked on an image you can download with the button next to the bookmark icon. The download button for the bulk account download is next to the follow button. Please be careful not to download too many images at once, because Instagram can block you temporarily because of to many downloads (about five minutes).